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Monday, September 13

Get Back Her Love - 3 Things She Needs From You!

Get Back Her Love

3 Things She Needs From You!

Get Back Her Love -
3 Things She Needs From You!

Hey guys,

Check out this truly awesome video by my friend Ashley, as she discusses how to get your ex-girlfriend back!

The reason she left you is because she wasn't getting her needs met in the relationship.

To get back her love, you will have to know WHY she left, and you have to work on giving her these 3 NEEDS.

Check out the short video below - 

How To Get Your Girlfriend Back: 
What Women Want & How To Give It To Them

Hope this short video has given you some insight to help you get back her love!

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Also by Ashley...

Wednesday, August 25

How To Win Her Love Back - Know This One Word!

 How To Win Her Love Back

How To Win Her Love Back -
Know This One Word!

People use many different expressions for their desire to get a relationship with their ex back.

You can say you want to get her back, bring her back, or even persuade her back.

Of all the ways you can phrase it, thinking how to win her love back is the most appropriate.
Here's why..

Getting back together with your love is not about you "getting" her back, or even about "repairing" the relationship. It is about "winning" her back.

Winning her back implies a few important things.

It implies effort on your part. 

More specifically, it implies putting effort toward improving yourself so that your ex will want to come back to you and this is, in essence, what it's all about.

You see, in order to convince your woman that you deserve another chance, she has to believe the relationship will be different than before the breakup. 

The best way to encourage this belief within her is for her to see (and believe) that YOU are a changed, and better improved, man. ('Cause you are, right? Or you're working towards it.)

There simply isn't another equally effective way to win her love back then for her to believe that you have changed for the better, for yourself, and for the relationship.

There is something very important that you need to do to win her love back, and it's not these things:

  • Stalk her (yes, it's obvious, but you'd be surprised...)
  • Argue and reason with her
  • Fish for sympathy by acting depressed
  • Buy her a gift or write a poem
  • Manipulate her with some kind of leverage (sex, money, jealousy, etc.)
  • Tell her over and over how much you love her

    If you can avoid using any of these tactics to try and get her back, you'll already be way ahead of most people.

    So what you have to do is...

    She will need to perceive you as changed in positive ways.

    But, there is another essential ingredient... you need to raise the level of attraction between you and your ex to a boiling point. 

    The perception of change makes her willing to give it another shot. 

    BUT, It's the attraction that convinces her to get back together. 

    The problem with creating or re-creating attraction is that often what we feel we should do actually ends up making a person less attracted to us (chances are you've noticed this in the past). 

    If you could use some solid, step-by-step pointers on how to re-create the attraction she finds for you, without screwing up (again), check out:  

    How To Get Back Your Ex

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    Tuesday, July 27

    How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

    How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

    How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

    If you are determined to learn how to get back with your ex girlfriend, here is a bit of information that may help.

    It may not be easy and it might not even work, but if you don't try then you will never know...right?

    You also need to understand that some relationships are just not meant to be, and if that is the case with yours - then don't even waste your time and effort.

    Sounds tough to hear...but let's be realistic.

    Instead, look elsewhere for comfort and a new beginning. However, the main objective here is to get back with your ex girlfriend.

    So how is this done?

    First, you need to be in control of your emotions. This is not an easy one right now, since emotions are obviously running high for both of you. It is difficult to try and focus when one minute you are angry and the next filled with grief.

    It will require a conscious effort to control your emotions, but if you stay focused then you have the opportunity to prove yourself.

    Don't even think about retaliation if you want to get back with her. Most guys retaliate after a break up and this definitely will make things worse than they already are. You don't need this.
    Jealousy will do nothing for her to want to be with you again, so don't even go there. If anything, making her jealous will cause her to mistrust you and it will push her away from you even more.

    Also, you want to give your ex the time and space she needs. So avoid contacting her, especially right after the break up.

    This is probably one of the most difficult things to do, but it is something you must do. It gives her a chance to miss you. Until she misses you, she won't want anything to do with you.

    You do want to get out and about. Staying home will do nothing but allow your emotions to fester. You will just worry and wonder what she is up to. These won't be happy thoughts. Don't stay lonely. Instead, get out with your friends.

    If you want advice on how to approach her again and where she's at with things in her head, then talk to her friends (if they agree to talk to you). You should come across as genuinely regretful.

    The more information you can gather on how your ex feels about you and your relationship, the better you can plan your approach.

    Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of "Getting Her Back... for Good" and has taught 1000s of men all over the world how to recover their lost love. He details his steps and valuable advice at Getting Her Back

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    Tuesday, July 20

    Breakup Grief - Is Heartbreak Harder on Men or Women?

    Breakup Grief

    Is Heartbreak Harder on Men or Women?

    Breakup Grief 

    What would you say if I told you that breakups affect men more than women?


    Maybe not. Especially if you've gone through them yourself.

    A University study of 100 single adults concluded that men are indeed affected by breakups more than women are.

    Women have this misnomer that men have an easier time initiating a breakup, when in actuality it's just as difficult - if not more so - for men to pull the plug.

    The study also shows that men are hit by heartbreak more than women are.

    This means that when men are hurt by someone they care about, they have a more difficult time coping than women do.


    When men are going through tough times, they often go to their confidant for support. This means that a guy will turn to his girlfriend or spouse in times of need.

    So if the problems are about the relationship, he can't exactly go to who he always goes to!

    He might feel he has nowhere else to turn, or that he can't open up about what he's going through.

    This is because at a young age guys are conditioned to bottle up their emotions. By ignoring emotions, this can make things worse. The feelings don't go away, so in turn, you feel hopeless.

    While women are encouraged to talk to their friends when things are going downhill in their lives, or are told to journal or watch a sappy movie, men are told to just let things go.
    But that's easier said than done, as you may already know.

    Men often don't have someone that can give them a reality check with their emotions.

    This is why having close friends are so important. It can get us through the rough patches and keep our emotions in line.

    When we are dealing with a breakup and any consequent heartbreak, friends are a healthy way to help dust us off, and give us some pep to get back out there again.

    Whether you are a guy or a girl going through breakup grief, it's important to take control of your emotions.

    Don't lie on the couch waiting for time to lick up your wounds. This won't happen.

    Instead, you have to actively deal with your emotions and make yourself feel better. 

    Dealing with breakup grief, but want your life to be happy again - with her in it? Go Here...

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    Wednesday, July 7

    The Magic Of Making Up System

    The Magic Of Making Up System

    The Magic Of Making Up System 

    The Magic Of Making Up System is a top-of-the-line ebook that tells you exactly what to do to get her back in your arms, even if she wants nothing to do with you right now! 

    After one of my relationships failed, and I was desperate to get my ex back, I came across this system. It looked like it was right up my alley for what I needed. Not to mention, it had tons of positive reviews. Travis, the guy who wrote the book, you can't help but trust. 

    The system includes what is known as the The Magic Second Chance Letter which is a letter already written for  you that you would give to her to ask for a second chance at romance! 

    The Clean Slate Method is how you would go about giving her an apology that gives you the best chance of being forgiven! 

    The Magic Of Making Up System is the TOP-SELLING guide on the Internet for people, like yourself, looking to bring back the love of an ex! 

    So you're asking if it works?

    It increased my confidence, my zest, my encouragement, and the chance that I had to get him back! :)

    It told me EXACTLY what I needed to do (and not to do) to win my ex back. Without it, I would have been lost!

    It's definitely something I would use over and over again. But I hope I won't be going through that many more break-ups in the future! Yikes! 

    Try The Magic Of Making Up System to get her love back now! 

    What have you got to lose? Well, let's not go there!!

    Let me know how it worked for you. I would appreciate your comments below.

    Oh ya, and check out Travis' video below on The Magic of Making Up System - Click on the box in the top right corner when you are done! 

    -xo Kat

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